Sound Insulation Testing BS EN ISO 140

Air Tightness Solutions are a UKAS accredited company for sound insulation testing and offer the highest level of service and expertise for achieving Part E compliance, working closely with our clients to give the best possible chance of achieving a pass certificate first time round. We provide a nationwide sound insulation service which is delivered within 72 hours of your order.

Part E Compliance

Sound insulation testing, or pre-completion testing must be carried out on new build properties as well as converted properties. A property will either require an Airborne test or an Airborne and Impact test. Airborne tests are carried out on all separating walls between habitable rooms of flats and houses. Airborne and Impact tests are carried out on the separating floors between habitable rooms of flats.

Requirements for Sound Building Regulations?

New build properties need to meet the requirements of DnTw+Ctr ≥45dB and LnTw  ≤62dB. Conversion properties need to meet the requirements of DnTw+Ctr ≥43dB and LnTw ≤64dB

Are you ready for your sound insulation test?

Test should be carried out as early as possible as problems are more difficult to fix the further along you are. Where possible, it’s recommended that testing is carried out before kitchens or bathrooms are installed. The minimum that we require to be able to carry out a test is:

  • All doors, windows and seals should be fully fitted and closable
  • All electrical fittings should be fitted and working
  • 240V mains power must be available on-site in all rooms
  • Gaps in walls and floors should be fully sealed
  • All walls and ceilings should be plastered
  • There should be no holes remaining in floors or ceilings
  • Testers will require access to all rooms on all levels

What happens if your sound insulation test fails?

As long as the work is carried out exactly as we specify in our on-site consultation it is unlikely that your test will fail. However, in the eventuality of a failure we provide a free consultation to ensure that a cost effective solution is concluded.

If you want to find out more about sound insulation testing, or simply need some expert advice, we’d be delighted to help.

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